08 January, 2010

19 November, 2009

It's been incredibly TOO long

I'm not even sure if anyone checks our blog anymore since I've taken way too long to post anything but here is my solemn vow that now that I've gotten the hang of being a mom a little bit better, I will post with more frequency and consistency. You can also check my Facebook page for more pictures.

Here's a little recap of the past few months...


Penelope Aline Hauser was born on August 2, 2009 at 2:49 pm. I have to say I am very lucky how everything went (I don't anticipate labor and delivery will ever be that good again.) I started having contractions (ones that I noticed) about 1:00 am and did the whole timing them for an hour and half before calling the doctor. By the time I called her (which I hate doing in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT) I was having contractions every 3 or 4 minutes. She sent me to the hospital and then ensued a very boring and slightly (a relative term) painful 5 hours.

Since I was supposed to be induced that night anyway and my labor was pretty slow, my doctor broke my water and started pitocin at 8:30am and 10:00am respectively. I HATE PITOCIN. After PAIN, I got my epidural (sweet, sweet epidural) and slept for a couple of hours. Around 2:00 pm, I started pushing and she was born just a short time later. She was a HEALTHY 9 pounds, 10 ounces...something the doctors and I was not expecting. It was a happy day for us both and couldn't wait to welcome Penny's 3 other baby girl cousins into the world!! Lilah Capri Haymore came on August 10th, Annie-Mae Lois Swenson came September 21st, and Eliza Jeannette Neal came on October 31st.


A couple of weeks before I had Penny, we found out Josh got into medical school at University at Buffalo. We started packing immediately because I knew I would be no help later on. Five days after I had Penny we had to move across the state to Buffalo. Thank you to my mother and Josh's mother for being a huge help with Penny during that time. Thank you to Bryan, Dad, Jessy and Kelly for helping with moving ALL of our stuff in and getting it unpacked in a timely manner. There is NO way I would have been able to do it without them.


Josh had his white coat ceremony on August 10th (I think) and started school two days later. And yes, being a brand new mom and having your husband start an incredibly hard and time consuming program is hard. But Josh is really happy with this school and with his choice to become a doctor and you can't really ask for more as a wife. He's gone a lot his first semester because he has to take anatomy and it's a beast of a class. Memorization has never been my strong point, hence becoming an English teacher:) Josh seems to have a pretty good class, although he's one of about 3 people married and is the ONLY one with a child.


There's not much to be said about this other than Josh is an awesome dad and a worthy priesthood holder and he gave Penny a wonderful blessing. It was a great day because afterward our house was FULL of family...just the way we like it.


Penny has started grabbing things with her hand and is a talker (go figure when she spends all day with me). She's trying to roll over and gets up on her side, but that will be a little while. It's also fun to watch her try to sit up when she's laying down. This is the equivalent of a baby crunch. She's also just learning to laugh. It takes A LOT of effort to get her to do it, but it's worth it. She is an incredibly smilely baby, too. Some things to look for in the near future: trying baby food, getting her first pair of earrings, teething, crawling (or "scooting" rather), etc. I'll keep you updated...I promise.

Some of you may be wondering what's going on with me. Not much:) I'm just learning a lot as I go along. We make trips to my parents' house often and try to see Josh's whenever he has a long weekend. I'm enjoying being a mom and staying home. I need to reconnect with my social network, but all in good time! I may work one or two nights a week next semester when Josh has a more regular schedule. It'll be nice to tutor again and use my brain!

Here are some pictures:

Check out all the boxes in the background...

Josh and the moving truck

White Coat

Baby Blessing

20 July, 2009


Here are the pics from the BBQ Fest that Fran and I went to. I thought maybe the walking combined with a little BBQ heat might have sent Fran into labor...no joy!! Love you all.

p.s. I forgot the camera so I had to use the blackberry to get these. Not bad, but not great.

18 July, 2009

No Baby Yet

Just an update for everyone...there is nothing to update. No baby yet! We are hoping she comes soon!! Enjoy the clip I found. This kid is crazy!

This one is sweet too...it's when he is four.

30 June, 2009

Pics from our vacation in NC

As promised, here are the pics from our awesome vacation in NC.

26 June, 2009

Some good news!

Hello All!

Just a quick update on a fast-approaching due date...it's even sooner than we thought! My doctor moved my date back up to July 25th. This is great news for several reasons:
  1. I'm to that "I'm sick of being pregnant" stage
  2. Josh and I need to move to Buffalo somewhere in the first week of August so the chances of her coming late and it becoming a problem with moving are slimmer (not gone, though - eek!)
  3. Josh will definitely still be working which means I don't have to worry about insurance...I know this seems like an odd thing to worry about or mention but these days it's a big deal...
We were really excited to hear the heartbeat again (it's always tons of fun). She clocked in at about 156 I think:) The last time we went to the doctor's she was sitting incredibly low and so it took the doctor a little longer to find the heartbeat - we were both quietly freaking out for about 15 seconds. This time the heartbeat was a little higher and easier to find.

According to the nurse at the office, I am 36 weeks tomorrow - almost full term! It's actually really interesting because there are about 3 or 4 other women who are all due late July early August in my ward. I go walking with one twice a week and I feel so bad for her. She's due the 14th and is so TINY and has two kids already so I'm SURE she's more sick of being pregnant than I am!

Last piece of good news - I finally gained NO weight between visits. This is a MILESTONE! My appetite has returned to normal (which I'm told won't last long once the baby is born) so I'm happy! What's more is that it's normal to stop gaining weight about this time so no need to be worried:)

One last thing...obviously we went on vacation with my family and still there are no pictures or posts about it - I apologize. It will happen soon! I'm done working full weeks after this week. With Josh and my work schedule combined we see each other from about 7:30 until 10 at night (when I can no longer keep my eyes open) so blogging in that 2 1/2 hours isn't top on my list:) Now that it won't just be 2 1/2 hours at night I promise we'll post something good soon! And by good I mean awesome since I'm pretty sure the facial hair and photo shoots from this vacation will beat all other pictures on this blog!

18 June, 2009


I am sure that Fran will be posting an entry soon about our escapades in NC a few weeks back. It was a ton of fun and we were so happy that Fran was doing well enough to travel in the car for 11 hours there and 11 back...it was easier going down than it was coming home.

So...three years, a lot of money, a ton of prayers, and an enormous amount of time spent waiting and wondering resulted in the following...

I got in to SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine!!!! I know a lot of you have kept us in your thoughts and prayers and I wish I had words to describe what that means to me. Much of my struggles in getting an acceptance were my own fault, (poor GPA), and it is humbling to realize that role that the Lord's hand played in our lives. I was privileged to get my MPH here at Albany, had a lot of good experiences, and met people like my boss/mentor Dr. ST who will be lifelong friends and allies of mine. So, in short, thank you. I'll keep you all posted as things progress, but it looks like we are going to be in Buffalo for a few years!!

Go Bulls!